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Mr Chan has over 33 years’ experience in Mechanical Engineering including design and setting up maintenance workshops, evaluate and verify Depot Equipment technical specification, supervising a depot equipment team for the progress of depot equipment procurement, design submission, installation, test and all the interface issue.

Johnny Chan’s project experience includes Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport Access MRT System Construction, KCRC East Rail Extensions and West Rail Projects and Modification of Cargo Handling System for HACTL ST1 etc.

Mr Suen is a Charter Engineer having 35 years experience in the design and construction of complex and multi-disciplinary E&M installations including Railway Stations & Depot Facilities Equipment, Building Services Systems (HVAC, BMS, electrical, fire services and plumbing & drainage) etc. Out of the 32 years experience, 17 years are design-oriented and the remaining 18 years are construction-related.

Roles played at the various stages of the career include contractor (3 years), consultant (14 years) and client (18 years).Project supervised include durable and energy-efficient installations such as High Speed Rail in Taiwan, Hong Kong KCRC – West Rail Project, Mass Transit Railway - Island Line and Lantau Airport Line Project, HAECO - Aircraft Maintenance Facilities & etc.

Kevin is a senior manager specialized in Project Management and System Integration. Kevin established his technical expertise in the design and implementation of expert systems for “paperless factory” in Australia, China, Asian countries and USA. He then developed his management and technical expertise in railway systems. Being an Assistant Director in the Taiwan High Speed Railway Corporation, Kevin was responsible for the design and implementation of signalling and communication systems with total value of USD 1.1 billion. Kevin also lead system integration activities such as control room layout and integrated universal and communication console. His design and project management skills are further mastered with Ansaldo STS Malaysia, to deliver the signalling system design as a Contractor. Moreover, Kevin have more than 10 years of experience in maintenance, managed HKD 800 million assets in MTRCL and the core system equipment in THSRC.

Kevin had also provided consultancy services to Nabisco Co Ltd. in USA, Hyundai in Korea; Uncle Toby’s and Shell in Australia. In being an effective senior manager that plans and leads multi-national team to achieve results, Kevin also enjoy continuous professional development and have completed further education in computing and technology management. Kevin have published and presented 12 technical papers at international conferences to share the best practises in system design, project management and configuration management.