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CS Chang is a professional railway system engineer with over 30 years of international project experience. CS possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience in the design, installation, testing and commissioning of multi-disciplinary and sophisticated railway systems as well as in the project management of mega size railway projects. Moreover, CS is instrumental in conducting critical reviews on train operation of mass transit railway and light rail with an aim to assess the ergonomic design and technical robustness for both new and existing railways.
CS’s career in railway engineering has diversified, leading to involvement in different areas of railway systems engineering and project development. CS has worked for CSEE Transport in Paris to deliver the Automatic Train Supervision system to Hong Kong Island Line. He has worked as the Section Manager (Design) for Mass Transit Railway Corporation, managing all system upgrade projects for one of the busiest railway systems in the world. He has also worked for Kowloon Canton Railway Corporation as Control Systems Manager responsible for the design, project management and on-time commissioning of the West Rail - the largest single railway project in Asia in the last decade.

In addition to his intensive involvement in the railway engineering work, CS has also worked in the IT firm, LSC Systems Limited, as General Manager (Operations) overseeing the sales & marketing and technical support function of the company, which has successfully introduced the first real time expert system development platform to Hong Kong.

He is currently the Part Time Lecturer on the MSc Course in Railway Engineering & Systems in the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

  1. Member, Advisory Committee on Mechanical & Automation Engineering of Chinese University of Hong Kong
  2. Part Time Lecturer of Chinese University of Hong Kong
  3. Past Chairman, Control, Automation & Instrumentation (CAI) Division of Hong Kong Institution of Engineers, Hong Kong
  4. Past Chairman, Asia Pacific Regional Board of IET
  5. Elected Ordinary Member, Council of Institution of Engineering and Technology (ex-IEE), UK
  6. Past Chairman, Institution of Engineering and Technology (ex-IEE) Hong Kong Branch, Hong Kong
  7. Subject Specialist, Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic & Vocational Qualifications, Hong Kong
  8. Hon Treasurer and Member, Board of Directors of Lock Tao Christian Association, Hong Kong
  9. Member, School Board of Lock Tao Kindergarten, Hong Kong
  10. Director, Heartstrings Foundation