The Services :

Technical support rendered to the supplier for E&M Systems Tender of the Macau Light Rail Project

The Client :

Detection Security Systems (Macau) Company Limited

Project involved :

Macau Light Rail Project (Phase 1)

Year and Duration of Services :

2009 / 2010 for 6 months

Scope :

KDL is contracted to provide technical support to the Client in their formulating of their technical proposal to the Main Bidder for the Macau Light Rail Project for the works including :

  1. Telecommunications systems
  2. SCADA System
  3. OCC Provisions including the ergonomic design

The technical support was mainly to review the technical system proposed by the supplier in relationship to the meeting of the Tender Specifications taking into due consideration of level of risks incurred, level of maturity of the technologies proposed, their assumptions made and interfaces with the Main Bidder as well as the other interfacing parties including the Macau local authorities. Meetings were held with the Client so as to formulate the most cost effective yet compliant offer to the Main Bidder.

Presentations were made to the Client in Hong Kong and Macau in order to assist the Client to draw the necessary conclusion for the finalization of the Tender Proposal.