The Services :

Technical support rendered to the supplier for Building Services Tender of all the Ventilation Buildings for a major Hong Kong railway Project

The Client :

Jardine Engineering Company Limited

Project involved :

Express Rail Link Project of HK MTRCL

Year and Duration of Services :

2010 for 3 months

Scope :

KDL is contracted to provide technical support to the Client in their formulating of their tender technical proposal to the MTRCL for the works including :

  1. Design Vetting of the Electrical Services and Building Services Control System
  2. Preparation of the Technical Proposal for the Electrical Services and Building Services Control System
  3. Production of Quality Management Plan, System Assurance Plan, Software Quality Assurance Plan, Partnering Proposal, Environmental Management Plan, Electronic Data Transfer Details, Health and Safety Plan.

The design vetting is mainly to review the preliminary design attached to the Tender Specifications to confirm its sufficiency with an attempt to identify alternative solution which may be more cost and / or time effective and efficient. Preparation of the technical proposal is based on the Tender Specifications taking into due consideration of level of risks incurred, level of maturity of the technologies proposed, assumptions made and interfaces with the other interfacing parties including the MTRCL and local authorities and statutory bodies. Weekly meetings were held with the Client so as to formulate the most cost effective yet compliant offer.

The Project is on going and is targeted to be completed by October 2010.