The Services :

Independent Safety Assessment for the Signaling System project for Shenzhen Line 4 Metro Line (phase 2)

The Client :

MTR Corporation Limited

Project involved :

Shenzhen Line 4 Metro Line (phase 2)

Year and Duration of Services :

2010 for 22 months

Scope :

KDL is contracted to conduct independent safety assessment on the signaling system project work for Shenzhen Line 4 metro line project (phase 2) which is being managed by HK MTRCL. The contractor of the system is Siemens adopted the LZB interlocking system and VICOS control platform. The Assessment includes the following works:

  1. Review of all safety / system assurance related submissions given by the signaling contractors
  2. Conduct safety assessment visits off site (in Siemens factory and design offices in Braunschweig, Germany and Xian, China)  and on site in Shenzhen throughout the whole project lifecycle
  3. Production of the Project Safety Report to MTRCL upon the completion of the final assessment visit

The assessment is performed based on the internationally adopted EN50126, 128 and 129 standards and is referenced to the Yellow Book. A team of signaling experts / specialists covering trackside signaling, train-borne signaling, signaling control, system assurance, software quality assurance and signaling safety audit / assessment is formed to perform the independent work in accordance with the time programme of the project. Assessment Plan and Assessment Reports are submitted to MTRCL and presentations are made to the Client in Hong Kong and Shenzhen to discuss and agree on the findings identified.