The Services :

General Review of System Tender Documents for the Jakarta Mass Rapid Transit System Phase 1 (Lebak Bulus – Bunderan Hl) Project, Indonesia

The Client :

Marubeni Corporation & Toshiba Joint Venture

Project involved :

Jakarta Mass Rapid Transit System, Indonesia Phase 1 (Lebak Bulus – Bunderan Hl) Project

Year and Duration of Services :

2011 / 2012 for 14 months

Scope :

KDL is contracted to independently review the tender documents with regard to the Railway Systems works including:

  1. Electric Trains
  2. Depot Equipment and Works Trains
  3. Signaling and Train Control System
  4. Power Supply and Distribution System
  5. Track Works
  6. Communication System
  7. Facility SCADA
  8. Automatic Fare Collection System
  9. Platform Screen Doors
  10. Electronic Access Control System
The objective of this consultancy service is to make sure that the entire document of each of the System Works Packages are sufficiently comprehensive in scope, without any gaps, conflicts or ambiguity between different parts of the contract including but not limited to the Conditions of Contracts, Specifications and Pricing and Pricing Documents and their respective appendices, so that these Contracts can be tendered without any avoidable changes during tendering stage and eventually implemented after award of Contracts, to deliver an integrated MRT System for the Phase 1 (Lebak Bulus – Bunderan Hl) Line fully complaint with the Employer’s Requirements agreed with the Government of Indonesia but without any significant instructions, Variations, Claims or Disputes arising from the above mentioned gaps, conflicts or ambiguity in the Tender Documents.