The Services :

Shatin to Central Link (SCL) Project - Monitoring and Verification for Construction, Testing and Commissioning Phase - Investigation

The Client :

Railway Development Office (RDO) of the Hong Kong SAR Government

Project involved :

Hong Kong Shatin to Central Link (SCL) Project

Year and Duration of Services :

2012 / On-going

Scope :

Contracted to provide independent monitoring and verification services to ensure MTRCL’s obligations during the construction, testing and commissioning phases of the SCL project are properly fulfilled, particularly in the aspects of Cost, Programme, Public Safety and Building Submission Review.

Shatin to Central Link (SCL) is a 17-km railway line with two parts:

  1. An 11-km extension of the Ma On Shan Line (MOL) from Tai Wai, through new stations at Hin Keng, Diamond Hill, Kai Tak, To Kwa Wan, Ma Tau Wai and Ho Man Tin which will connect to West Rail (WRL) at the new Hung Hom Station. This will provide a through running East-West Line (EWL) from Wu Kai Sha to Tuen Mun; and
  2. A 6-km extension of the East Rail (EAL) from the new Hung Hom Station to new stations at Exhibition and Admiralty. This will provide a through running North-South Line (NSL) from the HKSAR boundary to the central business district in Hong Kong Island.

The key objectives of this assignment are to:

  • Monitor MTRCL’s performance in meeting their obligations as stated in the advance works and construction phase EAs;
  • Apprise Hong Kong Government of the status of cost, programme and public safety standards throughout the construction, testing and commissioning phase of the SCL by providing regular monitoring and verification reports using a risk based approach;
  • Review all pertinent MTRCL reports, and contract documents (including those of its consultants, contractors and agents) and carry out site visits to verify and substantiate the status of the cost, programme and public safety standards; and
  • Undertake building submission compliance reviews acting in a similar function to BD in reviewing submissions pertaining to the construction work.