The Services :

Setting up of a Railway Systems team and Design Management System for a railway project in Middle East

The Client :

Hsin Chong Construction Management Limited

Project involved :

Mekkah Metro Railway Project in Saudi Arabia

Year and Duration of Services :

2009 for 10 months

Scope :

KDL was contracted to produce the preliminary design specifications for the Railway Systems work for the Mekkah Metro railway project which was an extremely fast track project, i.e. it is required to build the 18 km railway on viaduct with nine stations and one depot within 20 months. The Railway Systems work included :

  1. Signaling system
  2. Communications systems
  3. SCADA System
  4. Rolling Stock
  5. Platform Edge Doors (half height) and Passenger Segregation Doors
  6. Lifts and Escalators
  7. Traction Power and Overhead Line system
  8. Power Supply system
  9. Building Services systems

Subsequently KDL was also contracted to manage the process to appoint the railway system design consultant (design authority on behalf of the EPC Contractor), to determine the contracting strategy and to award all Railway Systems contracts award, to complete the Railway Systems detailed design process within a fairly short period of time and to provide operations & maintenance support for the metro system

KDL was tasked to set up the Railway Systems project design team in the Project office in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and subsequently to formulate and recruit the Railway Systems project construction team. The design of the Railway Systems work was satisfactorily completed by end of July 2009 and the system works have moved to the development / manufacture phase since August 2009 for on time opening of the railway by November 2010.