The Services :

Conduct of an independent review on the project of a major railway extension project in Hong Kong

The Client :

Railway Development Office (RDO) of the Hong Kong SAR Government

Project involved :

Hong Kong Express Rail Link (XRL) Project

Year and Duration of Services :

2009 for 2 months

Scope :

KDL is contracted to independently review the project on-cost related to all the Railway Systems works including :

  1. Signaling system
  2. Communications systems
  3. Main Control System
  4. Automatic Fare Collection system
  5. Rolling Stock
  6. Platform Screen Doors
  7. Lifts and Escalators
  8. Tunnel Ventilation system
  9. Trackwork
  10. Traction Power and Overhead Line system
  11. Power Supply system
  12. Building Services system

The review was conducted based on the information given by MTRCL taking into consideration of the assumptions made, contracting strategy and past project data. Review was conducted in MTRCL office and meetings with the engineering representatives from the Client were held.