Associate / Director

Ir Dr. Paul Chan

BSc(Eng), MSc(EngMgt), D(Eng), CEng MHKIE, MIEE, MIEEE

Dr. Paul Chan obtained his BSc in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Kings College London University in 1978. He received his Master Degree MSc and subsequent Doctorate degrees in Engineering from the University of Warwick UK in 1994 and the City University of Hong Kong in 2010. He has over 30 years’ experience in railway Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) engineering and project management at MTR Corporation Hong Kong. Notable projects include introduction of Hi-C magnetic technology and pivotal role the pioneering ‘Octopus’ smart card system implemented in Hong Kong. For the past 15 years, he has been actively engaged in worldwide AFC consultancy projects including the Netherlands, Dubai, and many other major Cities covering Mainland China within the Asian Pacific Region. He is also a member of Engineering institutions such as HKIE (Hong Kong), IET (UK) and IEEE in US.

Mr Francis Hui


Francis has extensive experiences in railway signalling. He joined Mass Transit Railway Corporation (MTRC) in 1979 as an engineer and was then promoted to the position of Maintenance Manager. During his 30 years in Mass Transit Railway, Francis has obtained all-rounded and in-depth knowledge about railway engineering, starting from the operation of the modified initial system into a completed underground network with 6 railway lines in Hong Kong.

His experiences range from general engineering practices to maintenance management and project management.

Mr Gerald Kwok

M(AdvMechEng), EMBA, CEng MiMechE, PEng

Gerald is a professional rolling stock engineer with over 35 years of international experience in the railway sector with which more than 30 years were in the management of rolling stock projects. He has successfully designed and delivered large scale, urban, suburban and intercity rolling stock projects in a multi-discipline environment in Asia, Europe and North America for reputed railway organizations including Hong Kong MTR (and the previous KCRC), Singapore MRTC, London LUL and Toronto TTC. Gerald is instrumental in achieving excellence in rolling stock engineering and project management; setting up efficient and effective project teams; providing innovative solutions leading to win-win results; understanding the users’ requirements on both Operations and Maintenance aspects; resolving conflicts in a multi-discipline environment; and bridging cultural differences between east and west.

Ir Dr Kevin Lam

DTech, MBA(Tech Mgt), BSc(Eng), Grad.Dip.Comp., FIEAust, MHKIE, MHKCS,


Kevin is a senior manager specialized in Project Management and System Integration. Kevin established his technical expertise in the design and implementation of expert systems for “paperless factory” in Australia, China, Asian countries and USA. He then developed his management and technical expertise in railway systems. Being an Assistant Director in the Taiwan High Speed Railway Corporation, Kevin was responsible for the design and implementation of signalling and communication systems with total value of USD 1.1 billion. Kevin also lead system integration activities such as control room layout and integrated universal and communication console. His design and project management skills are further mastered with Ansaldo STS Malaysia, to deliver the signalling system design as a Contractor. Moreover, Kevin have more than 10 years of experience in maintenance, managed HKD 800 million assets in MTRCL and the core system equipment in THSRC.

Kevin had also provided consultancy services to Nabisco Co Ltd. in USA, Hyundai in Korea; Uncle Toby’s and Shell in Australia. In being an effective senior manager that plans and leads multi-national team to achieve results, Kevin also enjoy continuous professional development and have completed further education in computing and technology management. Kevin have published and presented 12 technical papers at international conferences to share the best practises in system design, project management and configuration management.

Ir K M Li

BSc(Hons), B(EngRailwayAutomation), BEng(TransportMgt), M(MaintMgt),


Mr Li has 40 years of experience in railway engineering covering all aspects of System Development Life Cycle. During the 23 years of service with the MTR Corporation, KM has gained all rounded and in-depth knowledge on telecommunications engineering, from installation, testing and maintenance practice to design, project management & asset management. He is a professional telecommunications engineer as well as signaling engineer and well known for his experience and expertise in quality assurance, system design, contract administration and project management. KM has been continuously upgraded his professional skills and knowledge through academic studies as well as job specific training.  Mr Li was selected by MTR to attend the renowned engineering degree courses offered by the University of Wollongong. Afterward, he completed the degree courses in Railway Automation and Transport Management conducted by the Northern Jioatong University.

KM worked with different projects namely Airport Railway, North Point station extension, Tseung Kwan O Extension, West Rail and Ma On Shan Rail in Hong Kong, Shenzhen Metro Phase 1 and Shenzhen Metro Line 3 in China,  Ho Chi Minh City Metro Line in Vietnam as well as Delhi Airport Link and Dedicated Freight Corridor in India. In these projects Mr Li has built up a strong work experience in construction site, co-ordination with different discipline and site management, especially railway system integration. Besides, I have also established an excellent interpersonal relationship with different persons in different working level.

Ir K M Lock

B(Hons)(ElectEng), CEng MIET, MCIBSE, MIET

A very experienced railway building services engineer and project manager with over 36 years’ experience in railway industry, specialising in E&M and building services together with robust experience in railway project management.

Ir Rodney Ng

BEng(Electrical), BSc(Computer Science), MSc(EEng), CEng MHKIE

Ir Rodney Ng obtained his BEng in Electrical from University of Sydney, Australia in 1988. He received his Master Degree MSc in Electronics Engineering from Hong Kong Polytechnics University in 1998. He has over 29 years’ experience in railway Control System and project management at MTR Corporation Hong Kong.

Ir Eugene Tse


Ir Eugene Tse is an electrical engineer with many years of experience in power generation, transmission and distribution), and more than 10 years’ experience in the railway industry (4.5 years railways design and project management experience particularly on Traction Power & Overhead Line System in Hong Kong and engaged on electrical safety and training issues since end September 2002 in Rail Infrastructure Corporation/RailCorp). He also has over 9 years working for the NSW Department of Energy, and nearly 6 years with RailCorp.

Ir Dr Y W Tung

BSc(Hons), MSc(Eng), Ph.D, CEng MHKIE, MIET

Dr. Tung is a system engineer with eighteen years of experience in the railway industry; working from railway operations engineering, maintenance, and technical training to major railway construction projects in Hong Kong. In addition, he has five years of experience working in Canada as a SCADA analyst for a hydro utility. His technical skills include the management of the whole project lifecycle for mainline and mass transit railway systems. Recent achievements have included the commissioning of the Integrated Control and Communications System for two major railway extension projects in Hong Kong and the development of conceptual design of the SCADA system for the Taipei Circle Line (Phase 1). Professional experience also includes analysing, designing, installing, test and commissioning of large scale control (SCADA) and communications system for rail applications, as well as project planning, monitoring and controlling. Familiar with industrial system and software assurance standard (e.g. EN50128), system safety management process and safety analysis techniques (such as Interface Hazard Analysis (IHA), FEMCA, HAZOP & OSHA).