Senior Engineer

Mr Dennis Cheung

BEng(Hons)(MechEng), MSc(EnvEng), CEng MiMechE, LLB(Hons), MSRS, AMIMgt

Dennis is a Chartered Engineer who has over 17 years of local and overseas work experience in delivering and managing a wide range of System Assurance services including HAZOP, RAMS assessment/prediction, FMECA, QRA(FTA/ETA), Reliability-Centered Maintenance, Life Cycle Cost, Obsolescence Management services, Cost-Benefit Analysis, RAMS/OHS audit, SIL assessment and ISA activities across a variety of railway systems and E&M projects in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Dubai, Singapore, Thailand and the UK; as well as activities relating to establishment of SMS and training. In the delivery of these projects, Dennis has undertaken an assortment of project roles including Employer’s Representative, Project Manager, System Assurance Manager, Lead Safety Consultant and Independent Safety Assessor.

Dennis is an experienced engineer who has developed a specialist expertise in risk/RAMS assessment, whilst maintaining a broad understanding of the principles of the E&M and railways systems, and their interactions.  He has also undertaken a wide range of system assurance rail operations, railway systems, civil design and construction related projects.

He recently supported the Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand as System Safety Specialist for the Purple Line Project in Bangkok with ultimate responsibility in system safety and assurance for the M&E Systems in preparation for Revenue Service.

His experience spans across consultancies to railway operation. He worked for THSRC as Senior Engineer responsible for risk and RAMS assessments on systems engineering modifications/ alternative spare parts sourcing/ maintenance waivers for the railway systems (comprising Core E&M and Trackwork systems) to establish the safety/reliability critical items and RAMS impact on system functionalities, design and O&M requirements; and Operating Temporary Instructions.  He also prepared contract SA requirements for new projects for the Core E&M and Trackwork systems; and conducted system-wide RAMS audits as Lead Auditor.

Dennis also implemented the Occupational Health and Safety Management System for Atkins based on OHSAS 18001 for the Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Shanghai and Beijing offices as Lead Consultant and Deputy Management Representative between 2005 and 2006. He was then appointed Deputy Safety Manager for Atkins China Limited.

Mr Metthew Wong

BSc(Hons), Cert(BusinessMgt)

Mr. Wong is a professional Information and Technology system engineer with over 25 years of project experience.  Metthew possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience in managing sizable IT projects. He has a wide range of duties within the Technical Services Section, which included setting up of the PC/Server and Microsoft networking environment, providing technical support to over 3,000 computer users. He has been involved in project planning, project team resource, project scheduling as well as interface management including contractors, customers and senior management.