Training on Railway Systems and Operations & Maintenance

A main focus of Key Direction Limited is our commitment to uplifting our global and localized engineering community through training and mentorship programs.

Our aim is to share our collective knowledge and expertise with growing companies and an international network of professionals and engineers.

With our broad expertise on various aspects of engineering, technologies, operations and management, as well as rich experience on curriculum development, course customisation and quality delivery, we enable those who need to keep pace with the fast-changing needs of the ever-evolving industries to stay at the forefront of their trades.

Our programmes cover, but are not limited to, the following areas from beginner to advanced level.

  • Signalling
  • Rolling Stock
  • Traction Power & Distribution Electromagnetic Interference & Compatibility
  • Communication & Control Systems and Automatic Fare Collection Systems
  • Permanent Way & Trackwork Station Facility
  • Tunnel Ventilation System
  • Railway Operations & Maintenance Systems Engineering & Integration System Assurance
  • Asset Management & Life Cycle Cost Analysis
  • Railway Planning & Development Safety & Risk Management


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