Our Services

  • Railway System Design
  • Railway Operations and Maintenance Planning
  • Independent Project Cost, Project On-cost and Funding Arrangement Assessment/Review
  • Independent Safety Assessment

  • System Integration and Test & Commissioning Management

  • Railway Specific Solution Provision and Design & Build Contract Delivery

  • Asset Management & Condition Assessment

  • Training on Railway Systems and O&M

  • Risk Management, System Assurance & Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Management

What Keeps Us

On Track

  • Expert
    Through our ever-evolving expertise, knowledge and training on trends, innovations and technology.
  • Cost-effective
    Through efficient and optimized solutions, technology, procurement,, asset management and collaboration—while ensuring safety, quality, and reliability are never compromised.
  • High Safety
    Through comprehensive understanding, training and adherence to safety regulations and risk assessments.
  • Bespoke
    Our strength as a network of agile and specialised professionals is our ability to mobilise quickly, adapt our services and collaborate with our client—to offer unique services and to meet specific customer needs.

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