Condition Assessment of Rail Operating Assets within Singapore’s Mass Rapid and Light Rail System Network
To perform condition assessment on operating assets of the NSEWL, CCL, BPLRT and SPLRT lines within Singapore’s Mass Rapid and Light Rail System networks and recommend appropriate maintenance and renewal/upgrade plans to reinstate the assets to an acceptable baseline condition relative to their age, where required.
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    Land Transport Authority, Singapore
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The project’s scope is to perform condition assessment on the Operating Assets of NSEWL, CCL and SPLRT lines within Singapore’s Mass Rapid and Light Rail System network. Upon completion of the assessment, we will recommend and present appropriate maintenance and asset replacement programme for the assets. In addition, the potential risks and mitigation measures for the asset that has gone beyond or are about to reach the design lifespan of the asset as stipulated by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) will be identified and reviewed. The findings will be presented in the Reports, which will be used as an important reference source for the client to formulate the future asset upgrade/renewal plan.

The Condition Assessment has included the following key tasks:

  • Formulation of the Condition Assessment (CA) framework;
  • Compilation of the Method statement for assessment;
  • Identification of the tools and equipment to be used for assessment;
  • Finalisation of the CA checklist;
  • Conduct on-site assessments, including Physical, Functional, Record; and
  • Perform the Condition Deterioration projections for Asset Degradation Curve modelling based on the asset groups and assets in the list of assets with the reference asset list stipulated in the Contract. We will develop and submit the projected Condition Deterioration for this list of assets with clear guidelines on interpreting the deterioration to determine the asset’s remaining useful life using data or experiences as benchmarked with industry and/or other established Operators’ experiences.

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