Consulting Engineer Services for The Midlife Refurbishment, Rectification, Overhaul and Other Related Works (MLR) of Existing Thirty-Four (34) Sets of 4-Car 818 Train’s Series for Kelana Jaya Line
Mid-Life Refurbishment (MLR) Work is a necessity for railway operators in around the globe including the Asia regions like Hong Kong and Singapore. MTRCL and SMRT had undertaken the mid-life refurbishment work on their train fleets to upkeep the quality of train services without performance deterioration.
  • Client
    Prasarana Malaysia Berhad
  • Location
    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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  • End Date
Services Provided

The Scope of Work:

  • To review on Carbody structure and bogie design, underframe equipment design document and testing & commissioning record e.g. Finite Element Analysis (FEA) for stress analysis and full load test cases according to Standard EN12663.
  • To conduct in-situ static and dynamic inspection & test on 1 to 2 trains’ carbody structure and bogie at the maintenance pit in Depot and Mainline during passenger service with peak loadings at peak hours. The trains should have higher running mileage or older ones in Kelena Jaya train fleet.
  • To conduct train inspection on Kelana Jaya trains to appreciate the overall conditions of trains, particularly at the underframe, train roof, saloon interior, exterior, electrical cabinet, and major equipment conditions.
  • To review Operation & Maintenance documentation, covering O&M manuals and maintenance records, of train sub-systems for years and to identify failure trends, frequency, modes and the root cause of failure of Kelana Jaya train equipment/system leading to train service interruption at mainline.
  • To review the final report of the Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety (RAMS) Audit for Kelana Jaya Line and relevant documents, including incident report, hazard log, safety report and in-house design document, Kelana Jaya train consultancy study, and Government regulatory requirement to identify any improvement and recommendation for MLR works.
  • To organize workshops with internal and external stakeholders to understand the train problems, concerns of train services and collect the suggestions and expectations upon completing Kelana Jaya LRT train MLR Works.
  • With the findings observed in the above activities, thus the preliminary scope of MLR Works can be summarized for discussion with the client.
  • After various scenarios of Kelana Jaya LRT train MLR Works scope has been presented, comprising of cost estimation, programme and Value Engineering analysis, for the most optimum solution to the client for decision making and determining the final scope and improvement items for the Kelana Jaya train MLR Works.

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