Mecca Hajji Metro Project – Design and Construction Management for all railway systems
Project and Design Management of all Railway Systems for the Makkah Metro Project
  • Client
    Hsin Chong Construction Management Limited / China Railway Construction Corp
  • Location
    Mecca, Saudi Arabia
  • Start Date
  • End Date
Services Provided
  • Produce the functional and performance design specifications for all Railway Systems for the Mecca Hajji Metro railway project, which was an extremely fast track project, i.e. it was required to build the 18 km railway on viaducts with nine stations and one depot within 20 months.
  • Manage the process to appoint the railway system design consultant (design authority on behalf of the EPC Contractor)
  • Determine the contracting strategy and to award all Railway Systems contracts award.
  • Complete the Railway Systems detailed design process within a fairly short period of time.
  • Provide operations & maintenance support for the metro system.
  • Set up the Railway Systems project design team in the Project office in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
  • Formulate and recruit the Railway Systems project construction team.

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